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Lead Digital Partner

Multinational document solutions company Kyocera wanted to move their focus from hardware to software as a service. This evolution required a total transformation of their customer experience.

Kyocera Document Solutions Europe appointed SYZYGY to support this transformation journey at a regional headquarter level and through 16 subsidiaries and three partners within Europe.

Kyocera asked SYZYGY to develop a new digital experience built around customers’ needs that harnessed their investment in Adobe Experience Manager, Target and Analytics.

Developed out of SYZYGY’s London and Warsaw offices, the solution was founded on customer insights derived from an intense discovery phase and from a series of workshops with the company’s marketing, customer support and technical teams from across Europe.

The Kyocera platform is fully responsive, providing rich experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The new platform accelerates Kyocera’s speed to market and provides the 20 markets with the ability to customise local content and personalise messaging, actively driving lead generation.

Out was uninspiring content and a complicated user interface; in was an engaging, rich experience that aids customers through research, comparison and purchase.

Our visual designs incorporate a custom set of gestures which content editors can apply over imagery in the CMS.

The SYZYGY team conducted an extensive discovery phase, including running a number of workshops to obtain insights that would inform the designs.

The platform integrates with numerous systems including LDAP (authentication), Salesforce and Pardot (sales and marketing automation), ensuring Kyocera has a 360 view of customers and can provide a seamless, cross-channel experience.

The successful transformation of Kyocera’s online presence in Europe caught the attention of the company’s North American counterparts. SYZYGY was able to rapidly deliver another AEM build utilising the experience principles and design components from Europe, but tailored to the operations of the US business and the needs of their customers.

Globally, Kyocera is benefitting from an efficient, future-ready platform where content distribution, localisation and governance are much easier to manage.

Services we provided:

  • Market & competitor benchmarking
  • Audience segmentation & behavioural insights
  • Measurement & effectiveness frameworks
  • Data & marketing technology strategy
  • CRM, 1PD & loyalty strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Commerce go-to-market strategy
  • Market rollouts & data-driven change management
  • Digital product UX and design
  • Rapid prototyping & testing
  • Content production
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