Performance Marketing & Media

Performance Marketing & Media

We grow your audience and drive meaningful traffic to your brand and commerce touch-points.

We are proudly certified as an IAB Gold Standard 1.1 agency. We built this trust through complete transparency in our media buying, and ultimately, because we deliver results.

Our clients’ campaigns benefit from some of the best negotiated rates from the world’s largest agency networks. Our SEO and ASO consultancy draws on both our technical expertise and channel knowledge to guide companies to better performance and experiences.

Search Engine Optimisation

Digitisation in all areas of life has altered media usage and significantly shaped consumer behaviour. It is becoming increasingly demanding to successfully promote products and services. Search engine optimisation must continually adjust to new technical search algorithms and adapt to the ever-changing semantic search.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Advertising

We practice a 360° approach from strategy development to set up and optimisation of SEA campaigns as well as long-term, effective campaign support across all search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Regardless of product and brand - social media provides the perfect audience for every advertiser. Our comprehensive service offers everything you need to make a social media campaign successful: from account audit and social ads consulting to operative social media marketing support and workshops.

Content Marketing

Reach your marketing goals with the content marketing approach of SYZYGY. Dependent on your requirements, examples of this are improving customer loyalty with a magazine or increase of reach and retention with videos and relevant social media content.

Programmatic Advertising

Real Time Advertising is the programmatic buying of ad space in real time. Data-based targeting increases the relevance, efficiency and impact of digital advertising messages. Our goal: to show the right advertising message with the highest relevance to the right person at the right time.

We automate manual tasks to focus our efforts elsewhere, on higher value activity.

Everything we do is driven by our extensive data and insights team, with fine-tuned capabilities to mine large data sets, using machine learning to surface insights and opportunities to improve performance.

Data Management & Analytics

Proper use of Analytics data is one of the biggest levers in digital marketing. We support our customers throughout the process and help with the conception, implementation and evaluation of the data.

Conversion Optimization

With the help of our customers' data and the SYZYGY know-how, we optimise landing pages and campaigns.

Intelligence-led media strategy drives huge rise in conversions for Specsavers Intelligence-led media strategy drives huge rise in conversions for Specsavers

Case Study:
Intelligence-led media strategy drives huge rise in conversions for Specsavers