Reframing ‘digital performance’: less cookie, more brand growth

London, 25. August 2021

James Ross, SYZYGY’s Head of Planning explains why it’s dangerous to spend too much time thinking about cookies or a cookie-less future.

“Focusing on cookies, data, targeting and measurement has slowed the progress of what digital could be doing: growing brands.

The industry fell in love with third-party cookies because it was easier, faster and required less planning and integration than traditional marketing. Cookies also promised to bring some scientific rigor to the advertising process. Agencies could analyse cookie data and calculate how much revenue a particular campaign generated.

Enter ‘performance marketing’, an entire sub-industry dedicated to offering clients clear returns on their investment based on rock-solid data. The allure of these precise figures stands in contrast to the traditional ad model, in which brands simply have faith that their investments in marketing would eventually achieve business growth.”

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With cookies ending in 2022, brands need to reset their focus

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