‘Everyone gets the final Friday of every month off to benefit their mental health’ – SYZYGY’s Aurelie Haroutunian in The Drum

London, 2. December 2021

Aurelie Haroutunian, SYZYGY’s Head of HR, contributes to The Drum’s expert panel on maintaining a work-life balance

“Portugal recently passed a law banning employers from contacting remote workers after hours – joining France, Spain, Italy, the Philippines, Argentina and India, which each have similar laws.

In the UK and US, there are no such protections. But agencies have been grappling with this issue for many years. We asked a bunch of our readers how their agency protects staff from perpetual communication and helps establish (and guard) something that looks like a work-life balance.”

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Aurelie Haroutunian: “We’ve introduced ‘SYZ Team Days’ – staff are encouraged to come into the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays to collaborate and socialize.”

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