**PayPal**: </br>Setting global standards **PayPal**: </br>Setting global standards **PayPal**: </br>Setting global standards

Setting global standards

Using a global marketing framework to achieve maximum efficiency and impact

PayPal, the world’s leading online payment provider, wanted to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its global marketing programmes by standardising practices across multiple markets and regions. To do that, it had to answer the following key questions: Where should we invest our budget? How can we continuously improve our processes? How can we measure success and integrate all our marketing activities?

SYZYGY London worked with PayPal to create a new marketing framework that would serve as a central platform for planning and implementing its various marketing programmes around the world.

The marketing framework covers three key areas: investment, strategy and planning & testing.

Investment decisions can now be made on the basis of the projected return on marketing budgets. Strategy was optimised by introducing a structured briefing process and identifying new implementation options, target groups and tactics. Planning, meanwhile, has been improved by identifying weaknesses and opportunities in customer communication through analysis and systematic testing.

The new marketing framework was specifically designed around the PayPal customer base.


The following tools were used to analyse customer behaviour:

  1. Customer Journey Mapping – to identify and visualise every moment in every phase of the customer experience when using a PayPal product.
  2. Global Campaign Mapping – to analyse every digital marketing campaign used by PayPal over the past 12 months.
  3. Global KPI Framework – to define and standardise key performance indicators for every market and region.

Combining these tools not only provided a better understanding of the business and media objectives during each phase in the customer journey, it also offered valuable insights into the results of previous investment decisions, marketing campaigns and KPIs. This in turn allowed a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and motivation.

The new marketing framework now plays a pivotal role in the management of media investment. Encompassing all relevant activities, it guides the company’s investment in both always-on marketing and individual campaigns (e.g. product launches). It also enables continuous comparison of media and business goals, long-term results tracking and continuous monitoring of customer behaviour.

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