Web App: Syzygy's Practical Guide to Social Media Campaign Success

Web App

This is a practical guide to developing creative social media campaigns. At the heart of the guide is a five-point framework that draws on our extensive experience of creating, building and managing social media campaigns as well as what we believe to be industry best practice and relevant academic research. The framework examines the following five areas:

  1. Concept - memes, why people share, what makes for a sharable concept, how to  be remarkable.
  2. Participation - who participates, why, how and how often.
  3. Content - the limits and value of content marketing, reach, engagement and approach.
  4. Partnership - why and how partnership works, top down v bottom up, co-creation and
  5. Propagation - the social first approach, channel selection integration, the ROI model and measurement.


Mark Ellis, MD, Syzygy UK recently spoke at a Figaro Digital Social Media Conference about our 5 point framework.


We hope that you find this a useful read and something you can refer to when you are considering how to create a social media campaign. If however you wish to talk to us please contact Anna on 020 3206 4009 or email. Happy reading and a Merry Christmas.


  • 14.12.2011
  • By Anna Mackay