POPSHOP Launches - it's like 'Pay with a tweet' on steroids


We have been busy at SYZYGY and are pleased to officially launch the world's first free open-source marketing app for 'social sampling', POPSHOP.

A free open-source marketing app developed by digital agency SYZYGY, POPSHOP lets any artist, studio, brand or business run their own online sampling campaign andoffer a free digital or physical sample in return for a social share- a Pinterest Pin, a Twitter Tweet, a Facebook Like, a Google +1 or a Linkedin share.

Free to use and simple to set up, POPSHOP creates a single-page temporary 'pop-up' storefront on any Website or Facebook Page that can build social media buzz and drive awareness and trial for any new product.  Every time someone orders or downloads a free sample, they tell their friends about it.

Based on WordPress, the world's favourite open source CMS (content management system), POPSHOP includes an integrated analytics and order management dashboard and can handle sampling campaigns with digital, physical and video streaming products.

Dr Paul Marsden, social media strategist at SYZYGY and editor of Social Commerce Today says. 

'POPSHOP is like 'Pay-with-a-Tweet' on steroids.  We were so impressed with last year's Cyber Lion award winning idea that we decided to build on the concept and create a free integrated marketing app for our clients that works with multiple social networks, supports physical and streaming products as well as downloads, and includes campaign stats'.

'POPSHOP combines the proven power of product sampling with the viral power of social networks; it's not just sampling, it's social sampling.

We want everyone to give POPSHOP a go so please try it using the links below:

To demo popshop for yourself please click here.

(in return for a share, receive a free download of 1st chapter of Dr Paul Marsden's 'The F-Commerce Handbook; 10 secrets for unlocking the sales potential')

For full information and to download POPSHOP click here.


  • 12.06.2012
  • By Anna Mackay