20 things that happened on the Internet: 2012

20things 2012 full

For the third successive year, we've thrown down the gauntlet to all those who live and breathe digital. You may know your tech - but come on, do youreallyknow your tech?


In one, detailed, intricate, illustration, are 20 intertwined references to events that happened on, or related to, the internet in 2012.

 Digital trainspotters will try and spot them all. The less geeky will just marvel at the beauty and weirdness of the picture.


The illustration is crafted by French designer Niark1, following similar commissions in 2011 (Peter Jaworowski) and 2010 (McBess).

Niark1, AKA Sebastien Feraut is a graphic designer, painter and illustrator who lives and works in Paris. His distinctive style layers detail on detail - which made him the perfect choice for this year's 20 things commission. 


Some of the references may be considered easy - or at least easier.

Getting all 20 is a herculean challenge, only achieved by one person last year. He received a signed print for his labour; this year we'll again be giving away 20 posters to people who join in the fun.

 Just tweet the URL http://20things.syzygy.net with the hashtag #20things and you're in the draw. Alternatively, email 20things@syzygy.co.uk with your answers.


As a gift of kindness, we'll provide clues from 2 February, and release all the answers a week after launch. Putting frustrated technologists the world over out of their misery. 


Why 20things?

As an agency, we love tech, and love how it enables people to create new things. And sometimes break things.

 20things is and always will be a celebration of how technology reinvents the way we do stuff. Not everything is always positive, but it's always different and often interesting.  


Can you guess any of the 20things?


  • 30.01.2013
  • By Mille Clausen