20 Things that happened on the Internet in 2011

20things 2011 full



The answers are now revealed! Just go to the 20things page and click on 'Show answers.'

A big thanks to everyone who got involved, we've been amazed by the number of people who participated and shared this.

In the first 4 days alone, 20things got more than 2.4 million impressions on Twitter, and half a million on Facebook. Over 300 blogs covered it and it's been discussed on more than 100 forums. Mashable, Gizmodo, Laughing Squid, Design Taxi, The Daily What and MSN Digital Life all wrote about it and tweeted it.

Greenpeace, Google Creative Labs, the Nyan Cat creator and the Sword & Sworcery developers all got in touch and tweeted it. THANKS!

We've unfortunately run out of prints and so will not be able to give more away.

Hope to see you all for a new round of 20things next year!



So here it is: Syzygy Group's '20 Things' In 2011.


Once again, we've taken 20 seminal (or just mental) events from the year on the internet and carefully weaved them together into a single illustration - this year crafted by Executive Creative Director, Peter Jaworowski.

Your challenge?  Name each of the 20 events (and we mean events - just recognising Darth Vader isn't really enough).

For those of you that can't remember last week let alone last year, we'll provide clues from Wednesday onwards.

Important. This. Is. Not. A. Competition.

We know it's Olympics year and all, but it's not about winning, unless you count bragging rights over your colleagues. But we do have a few signed limited edition prints to give away.

View the illustration here and get involved by following us on Twitter and tweet a link to the picture using the hashtag #20things.

We'll randomly pick a couple of lucky people each day to receive a poster. We hope that you enjoy!

A bit about us

'20things' is concocted by Syzygy Group, the mother ship for agencies Syzygy, Unique, Hi-Res! and Ars Thanea. This year's illustrator Peter Jaworowski is Executive Creative Director for Ars Thanea.